Carol Spears wrote:

in the united states, there exists a condition where people are being
educated for a test.  teachers that do not teach the content for the
test are removed.

For usability tests? I doubt that this is the case, though it might explain the usability of the software produced by a very large company in the US...

i think this sort of thing is being introduced to gimp development.  i
think it is very good to have the testers show what their purposes were
before much of the good developers time is taken.  especially when you
are dealing with such high quality developers and free software.

Hm, I think that I'm at least partly able to understand what you're trying to say - if someone want to do something with GIMP, he should ask for advice before he demands GIMP to be changed. Or at least that he should learn and shut up if he is told the correct way afterwards.

Good advice for anyone on a mailing list or on irc, but not in a rather controlled usability test.

show what you the human being wanted the gimp to do is a very very good

Hm? Not sure if I understand correctly, but are you thinking of questions like "What is the best way to...?". I always wanted to start a wiki page about this - finding the absolutely fastest way to perform a task in GIMP - but couldn't find a real catching name for this page. Any suggestions?


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