On Tue, Jun 08, 2004 at 10:23:14AM +0200, Ellen Reitmayr wrote:
> hi carol,
> of course I have personal things to use the GIMP for (and use the GIMP
> only) - otherwise I wouldn't have spent any time and effort in this! I
> somehow got the impression that you think I came here to 'humiliate' the
> GIMP. That's absolutely not the case!! 
actually no.  i was fairly direct about my concern.  i do not like
testing for testing sake.  can i type this more clearly?

> I've been using the GIMP (under SuSE/Linux) for four years now, but not
> on a regular basis (between 0 and 2 hours a week). Usually, I utilise it
> for image manipulation, and to create prototypes/screenshots of software
> conceptions. As every user of any complex software I'm sometimes faced
> problems, e.g do not find a certain function, do not understand an
> option or the like. In order to identify and prioritise such problems,
> it is important to observe other users while interacting with the
> software (to identify if it's only a personal problem, or if others have
> the same difficulties). After a while, a developer or heavy user will no
> longer recognise the problems she/he encountered when first using the
> software, because she/he got used to it. But imagine occasional users:
> It is very hard to them to remember all the shortcuts, functions, etc.,
> especially when they are complex. Sometimes it's really astonishing for
> developers to watch 'real' users interacting with their software!
excellent news.  you understand then how important documentation is.  i
am curious if suse and qt have always been messing your ability to use
the gimp up.

i am trying to determine if we can use your usability tests, please be
patient.  i could determine this better if i could see samples of your
use of gimp.  nice to know that you are a user also.

i am trying to get you to take my usability test.  will you not allow me
to test you?  it is good to see the actual product the tester and test
produce.  i would like to see some of your personal work with gimp.  can
you pass my usability test?

> The GIMP is a great tool, and I think it sould not be the goal of the
> GIMP to make it a software for professionals only. I never wanted to 
> change the concepts of the GIMP or anything like that - each of you has
> spent way more time and effort in thinking of the best solutions! But
> sometimes you can facilitate the entry point to learn a software by
> quite small things (such as providing hints and tooltips, and a
> intuitive menu structure). And that was the intention of the test.
gimp was written to work freely and well.  most of the professionals i
see and know hold onto photoshop for dear life.  i watched gimp being
made for linux users who also learn about graphics at the same time.

thank you for thinking it was made for professionals.  this is not the

intuitition for what?  intuition does not exist if the user has no real
purpose for gimp other than to test.

i am testing your menu options right now.  so far, not so intuitive ....

gimp was made for users, not professional testers.  this is intuitive
when you use it.  what sort of professional are you worried about?  

> I hope you understand my intentions a bit better right now!
a better way to help me to understand your intentions would be to show
me what you as a human have done with gimp.

forgive me if i feel a very intuitive need to protect these people from
professional testing.

do you have a menu entry that says "show personal work".  so far, you
are failing in the intuitive use area.

nothing personal.  it is a test for a tester only.


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