Carol Spears wrote:

mr. neary, can you define unpleasant?

I have been on this list only a very short time, yet I can define unpleasant...

Unpleasant (noun) See "Carol Spears"

I hate to start a personal attack on a public list, especially against one who has apparently been involved with the project for a long time. However, it is immediately apparent to me that you have a penchant for being negative, highly opinionated and feel victimized by everyone else.

And you seem to prefer to conduct your tirades in public, so no doubt your prefer that I send my message this way.

You need a big attitude adjustment, or perhaps should find something more productive to do with your valuable time and superior skills. Participating in a group the way you do is counterproductive, and serves mostly to intimidate people who otherwise could benefit from the positive volunteer activities of so many generous people.

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