On 16 Jun 2004, Vegard Vesterheim wrote:

> On Wed, 16 Jun 2004 13:41:55 +0200 (CEST) kovzol <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hello, I'm using GIMP-1.2.5 under Linux. Is it possible to start the
> > GIMP-Perl server from command line?
> Sure, do something like this:
>   gimp -i -b '(extension-perl-server 0 0 0)'&

I guess I need this. Thanks! :-)

> >(As I earlier mentioned, I'd like to
> > run a Perl-Fu script and as I experienced, I have about 60% of speedup on
> > a 256 MB RAM, 600 MHz PC machine if I start GIMP-Perl server first from
> > GIMP, but in the future I should start the GIMP-Perl server automagically,
> > e.g. on booting Linux.)
> AFAIK Gimp 1.2 still needs access to a X server for font rendering. To
> implement a 'headless Gimp server', you could use Xvfb.

I already use it. Indeed, this is a needed issue. :-)

> Gimp 2.0.X does font rendering on the client side, no X server
> required. Might be a better solution.

I had many hours of headache figuring the right solution out to write my
own code in Gimp-Perl --- I was browsing the internet a lot, but there
were many versions of the same statements in Gimp-Perl with different
syntax. :-( So I'm also afraid that my script will be incompatible with
2.0.x --- that's why I don't really want to upgrade yet. :-)

> Dynamic web graphics using a 'Gimp server' for 'on-the-fly rendering'
> is pretty cool stuff. Speed is often an issue, so caching the
> rendering results might be a good idea. I implemented something like
> this a couple of years ago, when graphic rendering of textual content
> (menu buttons, etc) was fashionable ;-).

We're traveling on the same train, I guess... :-) I also did the same
thing in WebMathematics Interactive (http://www.sf.net) and this stuff I
want to do now is exactly for this software, too. :-)

A last question, however it should be clear after a short time: may I run

$ gimp -i -b '(extension-perl-server 0 0 0)' -display :1 &

or something like this to force gimp-perl-server to run on a different X
(namely Xvfb)?

Thanks a lot.

Regards, Zoltan

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