"William Skaggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> With the coming of summer and hints of a feature freeze for
> 2.2 starting to shadow the horizon, one of the things I see
> as most important to get into the code is some kind of preview 
> widget.
> Actually it is not so important to establish the code as to
> establish the API.  The specific implementation can continue
> to be polished, or even changed radically, after the code
> goes into libgimpwidgets, but plug-in maintainers need to
> know how to invoke it.

A few plug-ins should be ported. Designing an API w/o actually using
it can work out but it can also fail badly.

> I know that everybody dreads another go-around on this topic,
> but it really needs to happen in the near future.  Maybe, 
> since it has proven so difficult to come to a consensus by
> email, this can be put on the list as something to be settled
> at GimpCon.

That would only make sense if the people willing to work on would be
at GimpCon. So far it looks like you and Geert are the ones who are
willing to hack on this. Geert has attached a patch here:


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