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> I agree with Dave on this one.  Here is just one example of the sort
> of nasty thing that can happen if different images use different color
> spaces, with corresponding display filters:  You could have two 
> two-layer images, A and B, such that:
> (1) Layer A1 is visually identical to layer B1.
> (2) Layer A2 is visually identical to layer B2.
> (3) When layers 1 and 2 are composited in "Add" mode, the two images
> look different.
> This can happen because of the nonlinearity in color profiles.

I fail to see what would be bad about this behaviour.

> It would be a real can of worms not to use the same color space
> internally for all images -- losses in conversion are not an
> important enough factor to overcome this.  (But there is a
> reasonably strong case for allowing choice as to which color space
> is used internally.)

For now we can only use the same color space internally since we are
not going to make all operations aware of color management. Beware
that we are discussing a short-term solution here with the right fix
waiting right around the corner (GEGL). So the only places that would
care about the color profile would be some save and load plug-ins and
display filters.

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