On Thu, 8 Jul 2004, Alastair M. Robinson wrote:

> I'm not worried about the conversion so much as the fact that the
> limited precision of the destination data (8-bit RGB) will cause us to
> lose colour information.  A conversion of 8-bit data between two RGB
> profiles will not be a 1:1 mapping, so the converted data will not use
> the full dynamic range that 8-bit RGB can provide.

 That's exactly why we need the internal 8bit RGB colorspace used by gimp
to be the widest possible. If the internal colorspace is wide enough then 
you won't notice any lost colors during the conversion. I don't know how 
much or how little these looses are, but photoshop works internally with 
adobe rgb 98 and no one complains about that. It seems that for practical 
use even the conversions to and from CMYK will be ok.
 The specifications of color spaces and the gamut projections on 
http://www.brucelindbloom.com/index.html?WorkingSpaceInfo.html I think 
will be of great help.

>  Since the dynamic
> range of 8-bit RGB is already severly limited, I consider impairing it
> further to be unacceptable.

 I don't think that we will have much lost gamut if we work in a 
wide-gamut internal color space. But again, I'm not an expert...

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