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That's exactly why we need the internal 8bit RGB colorspace used by gimp
to be the widest possible. If the internal colorspace is wide enough then you won't notice any lost colors during the conversion. I don't know how

I'm not actually talking about gamut clipping, I'm talking about an effective loss of colour depth through quantization errors. I'm about to run some experiments, so I can hopefully provide some concrete illustrations, or eat humble pie, as may be appropriate!

much or how little these looses are, but photoshop works internally with adobe rgb 98 and no one complains about that. It seems that for practical use even the conversions to and from CMYK will be ok.

Photoshop can get avoid this issue by using 16-bit / float values to hold internal data. We can't (yet).

The specifications of color spaces and the gamut projections on http://www.brucelindbloom.com/index.html?WorkingSpaceInfo.html I think will be of great help.

Yes indeed, I'll digest that information in due course...

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