On Fri, 13 Aug 2004 00:41:50 +0100, Alastair M. Robinson >  From my
point of view, I think it's important to tweak the display

> module system so that the display modules can fetch parasites on a
> per-image basis (rather than just global ones) - this will let me
> implement the features I want in the display module.
> This conflicts slightly with the goal of applying a filter to the colour
> selectors - but this should be solved easily enough with a NULL argument.

Would it make sense to break down the processing chain of the modules in
two parts? One part that is attached to the image, and one that is
attached to the

projection -> image filter -> display filter -> frame buffer

the properties controlling the image filter could derive it's
information from information available in parasites attached to the
image, while the display filter would only use global settings set in
the preferences.

/Øyvind K
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