On Wed, Sep 08, 2004 at 06:02:16PM -0700, Carol Spears wrote:
> my experience with gimp is different than dave neary is talking about.
> he is saying that if you dont get everything at one time, you will not
> get it.  when i first started to use gimp, it was so much fun to go
> online and "shop" (for lack of a better term) for new and fun things for
> gimp that were on several different web sites -- each with its own
> personality.  much more the pleasure when i got to meet those web site
> owners later online and even more in real life this year.
> my biggest complaint was that many times, after long and enjoyable
> "shopping trips" coming back to /usr/home and installing the stuff i
> found -- only to find gimp already had it.  and the trend tried to
> continue when i had the older web site full of things for gimp-1.2.
> yosh wanted to include my palettes in the tarball.  i was sort of upset
> because this was exactly what we were supposed to be not doing.  i guess
> i could have seen the problems then.
the thing i did get from these shopping trips i took was information
about the plug-ins and resources that i already had.  i got something
that the documentation might not give and that is enthusiasm and
instruction on what the plug-in or resource(s) could do.

how many times on the mail list or on the irc channel you need to point
the stuff out to people.  one place for tutorials, examples and the
actual plug-in seem(ed) ideal to me.

so, i learned about the stuff that was in this tarball by accidentally
getting excited and installing it again.  silly, but this is from a user

carting everything around from tarball to tarball and having it
instantly install does nothing for education or enthusiasm.  it helps
those who expect it to be there.


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