Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> i have been playing with many generations of TheGIMP this morning.  i
> compared the gimp's ability to make nice strokes and i found the results
> to be interesting and revealing:
> http://carol.gimp.org/files/stroke.png

Well, the image alone doesn't make much sense. You will also have to
explain what you did to create it. A more elaborate comparison would
probably be helpful.

> simon is busy doing other things on the irc and such, perhaps we
> need a volunteer to help?  raphael, you have experience with taking
> over projects, perhaps you have some time.

It would really help if you could restrain of adding such useless and
inflamatory comments to your mails. That would allow us to actually
discuss the subject w/o getting into the next flamewar. But perhaps
that is what you are after?

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