Carol Spears ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> i have been playing with many generations of TheGIMP this morning.  i
> compared the gimp's ability to make nice strokes and i found the results
> to be interesting and revealing:

Interesting. I always assumed that the paintcore-based stroking has not
changed. I no longer have gimp 1.2 installed so I right now cannot check
why this apparently has degraded a bit.

> can something be done to make stroking be at least as nice as it used to
> be?  i was blaming libart, but it was explained to me that this was not
> the cause.

The primary reasons for the bad antialiasing is that the boundary of a
selection contains only horizontal and vertical lines. That is the
reason why the results improve dramatically when the boundary gets
converted to a path and then the path gets stroked.

Details are discussed in bug #50730

What would help the stroking would be an automatic conversion of the
outline to a path and then stroking this. We cannot do this right now
since the selection to path functionality is implemented as a plugin and
the core must not depend on a plugin. I had a deeper look at potrace
( and have a stripped down version on my HD that
does its job in about 2000 lines of C, which is a somehow manageable but
still a lot of (sophisticated) code.

I intend to look further in this and when it turns out that this might
work I want to ask the potrace author if he has any concerns about the
inclusion of the algorithm into the GIMP.

However, this will take a while, especially since I'll try to avoid
touching computers more complicated than my digital camera next week
(vacation - whee!  :)

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