Hi, My names is Cam- I have been involved in Blender3D Plugin writing and development for a while now and have a little experience in C.
I use the gimp every day for imaging and texturing for 3D models.

Blender.org is realy good with its community, and web forum- I didnt find anything like this for the Gimp- (Not saying it isnt there),
Now Im on this list Id like to be involved with writing Plugins and a little C where I can.

Some things Id like to know tho are-

Is there any 'good place to start' with C programming in the Gimp. - Docs tutorials etc. (I have mainly used OpenGL in C/Python)

Is the Gimp serious about Python as a plugin language, from using Blender3D/Python, Gimp/Python would be easy- but I tried and couldent get a Scheme script running in python- (Could have been a silly mistake but I tried for ages)

Is there a way of refreshing python scripts without restarting??.

Im thinking I should probably just go wuith scheme since its the default... but Id liek some feedback on this one.

-- Campbell J Barton

133 Hope Street
Geelong West, Victoria 3218 Australia

URL:    http://www.metavr.com
phone: AU (03) 5229 0241

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