Hmm, will give it a try. Again, not easy to find - designers also work under a great deal of pressure to get stuff done fast, and a tool where selections appear obscured will not encourage them so easily. Cinepaint, though, has had a great deal of success. I'm going to be interested to compile it (again a problem for designers) and have a taste.

The name Script-Fu is cute, but /very/ programmer-speak... a designer has no idea what it means, or that it means 'look for effects here'....


Popolon wrote:

That was about the GUI menu...
In menu bar, there is a Script-Fu menu with Selection sub-menu containing the To Brush item.
Shorter it's:
Script-Fu->Selection->To Brush

miriam clinton (iriXx) wrote:

okay... since i'm in the Hotel California where you can check in but never check out....

from a graphic designer's point of view this is a nightmare... most of them wouldnt know how to use the Bash shell, or only the basics, let alone how to do this.

Is it possible to design a GUI implementation of the same script? The Select-To sounds good but its gotta be a short menu - preferably within the Brush palette itself... thats where we'd think to look for it...

Script-Fu is totally incomprehensible to graphic designers....

Just my 2c from the graphics corner...

(who has promised not to write on w3c issues ever again, as long as noone else does ;P )

Popolon wrote:

Actually in Select menu there is two items "To Path" and "Save To Channel".

I searched long time how to convert selection to brush, I think that the only way was to save brush to a file, move the file to ~/.gimp-xx/brush folder and restart gimp.

This week in a newsgroup, another guy searched didn't find how to convert a selection to a pattern. For him the only way was to save selection to move the file to ~/gimp-xx/pattern folder and restart gimp :(.

A day, don't know exactly for why, By wandering in gimp menus, I find the miraculous:
Script-Fu->Selection->To Brush/Image/Pattern

I believe (perhaps wrong), that the human logic is to use the same tool to do nearly the same thing.

The menu Select could have an organisation for these conversions as:


to avoid a to long Select menu.

and a 'Selection To Brush/Pattern' button could be in brush/Pattern windows, as there is 'Selection to Path' button in Path window.

This could improve speed of The Gimp apprenticeship and workflow for some tasks.



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