On Wednesday 08 December 2004 04:17, Austin Donnelly wrote:

> I think I was probably the last person to do any major work on the
> scissors tool, and that was in 1999 to port it to the (then new)
> tile-based world.
> The code when I took it on was a "software Vietnam"; a complete
> mess.  I had to read the SIGGRAPH paper it was attempting to
> implement before I could fix it, and believe me it left my hands
> much cleaner than I got it!
> There are two areas where it could do with improvement:
>   - it doesn't handle tile-boundaries (it treats them as edges)

hmm..this explains the major complaint I had about it.
Sorry again to all who make use of the tool. 

>   - the point editing interface sucks; I merely made the existing
> one work but it might be interesting to see if it could use the
> same code from the Path tool (that was always the plan)

It may not be fine, but it works. As stated in other e-mail, it could 
benefit from undo. The tile boundary == edge thing is not good.

> Austin
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