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> I remember the color management work flow being talked about on this
> list in the past.  I think there are still some misconceptions about
> how this should work.  I see that yvind shows a work flow that
> converts from the images input color space to some apparently
> arbitrary color space (rgb8) when the image is loaded and then
> converted back to the input color space when the image is saved.  That
> means that every time the image is opened and saved it will go through
> two color space transformations.  My experience is that other tools
> such a Photoshop do not do this and I believe that this is a flawed
> design.  The image should always remain in its original color space
> unless the user has requested that the image be converted to a new
> color space (from an input device space to a working space for
> example).  So the correct flow would look like this.
> There is simply no reason for the extra color space conversions and
> there are many reasons not to do it.  Specifically the repeated
> conversions as the image is opened and saved would introduce changes
> to the color space of the image that would result in increased color
> errors as the image was worked on over time.

NB: This document outlined a potential starting point for integrating
GIMP with GEGL, not a definite guide to the ideal color management
over time.

When editing multiple times, gimp should prefer to save the image with
a profile to
its internal working samplemodel and colorspace, thus making both load
and save conversions passthrough filters on repeated edits.

/yvind K.

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