"Hal V. Engel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I didn't think we were talking about user interface issues.  Rather
> this is about how the image data is handled while it is being
> manipulated by the GIMP.  Specifically should there be a color space
> transformation as part of loading the image and another when the
> image is saved.

Well, at this point we are rather talking about preparing the
framework that we will need to implement color management. How exactly
this is all wired up and presented to the user remains to be seen.
Your feedback will certainly help with this.

> I think I already did but not in great detail.  My main point is that 
> the color space of the users image should ALWAYS be untouched unless 
> the user specifically asks for a transformation.  There are a number 
> of cases where the image must go through a color space transformation 
> but only a limited set of these should affect the actual image data.

If we don't convert the image at load time, all plug-ins that change
colors would have to be aware of the color-space the image is in.
Since this is not the case for the time being, it would probably be a
bad idea to not convert the image. As soon as we go further down the
road and have all plug-ins as GEGL ops, this will change. But for the
time being, I don't see much choice but to convert everything to sRGB.
Note that we are just talking about the first step here. Something
that we can achieve in the next few months, without changing each and
every piece of code in GIMP and it's plug-ins.

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