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> Hi,
> Did you read the earlier discussions on this topic? If not, I suggest
> that you do that now.
> Sven

Yes I did read the earlier discussion several times but that was a few 
months ago.  That is why I was surprised that a proposal surfaced here 
that involved doing color transformations as part of loading and 
saving images.  This was a major part of the earlier discussions and 
it appeared to me that this approach had been rejected, or at least 
discredited, at that time.  At the very least there were sound reasons 
put forward that called this approach into question and the only 
arguments on the other side were that it made programming the color 
management stuff a little easier.  But I am also aware that there were 
many involved in the earlier thread on this subject that did not seem 
to think there was an issue with this approach.

Perhaps I misinterpreted the earlier discussion and the approach was 
accepted or perhaps no concensus was reached.  Which leaves me in what 
is probably a confused state of mind on this.  So at this point I do 
not know if a consensus was reached earlier and if so what it was.

I think I should point out that color management in GIMP is a major 
point of interest for me as it is the only thing at this point in time 
that keeps me from using The GIMP.  I have been using a full, end to 
end, color managed work flow in my digital dark room for some time now 
and I consider it to be an essential element.  So I have been 
following this in some detail for a while.  I subscribed to this list 
specificly so that I could track progress on the color management 
sub-system and to perhaps participate in the discussion if it appeared 
that I had something to offer.  When I saw the same flawed assumptions 
as in the earlier discussion I thought that I should point out the 
flaw now rather then wait.   After all it is much easier and less 
costly to fix a design flaw early in the process than it is later on.

Hal V. Engel

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