Robert Krawitz wrote:
>   4) When the exif specifies that an image is rotated, the plug-in
>      pops up a query asking the user whether to rotate it into
>      standard alignment.  I thought it was better to ask rather than
>      do it automatically, because there are probably a substantial
>      number of existing images that have been edited without having
>      their exif information properly updated (for example, by earlier
>      versions of GIMP).  When an image is saved with exif, the
>      orientation is set to "top-left", as the exif specifications
>      require.  (See bug #121810)
> I'd suggest making this a preference.  If someone's careful about
> maintaining their images (or hasn't edited them before), they'll get
> very annoyed by having to answer this question every time they open an
> EXIF file that's rotated.  Wouldn't earlier versions of the GIMP have
> destroyed the EXIF data?

That would be a reasonable thing to do:  "Rotate images if exif says so?:
_Always _Never _Ask each time."  But we have a high threshold nowadays
for adding new preferences, so this is something that probably won't 
happen until it's clear that a lot of people want it.

The other thing: GIMP has preserved exif data in jpeg files since 1.3,
by passing it through without alteration.  This means if you have opened
an exif jpeg file in 2.0 or 2.2, edited it, and saved the result as jpeg,
it will have exif, but the exif will no longer accurately describe the
file in all respects.  In particular, the exif will still indicate the
image as rotated even if you have transformed it in GIMP.  (Of course the 
most important information is all the camera settings, and there is never any 
reason to update that, so passing the exif through unchanged was vastly
better than simply deleting it.)

  -- Bill


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