"William Skaggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The interface between the jpeg plug-in and the metadata system, so
> far as exif is concerned, would consist of two functions,
> gimp_metadata_store_exif() -- which translates the exif into XMP and
> adds it to the metadata parasite -- and
> gimp_metadata_generate_exif(), which constructs an ExifData struct
> using the information from the metadata.  (Raphael's plan has them
> implemented as plug-ins, but I think that's too awkward.)

What is akward about it?

> On loading an exif-jpeg file, it (1) calls
> gimp_metadata_store_exif(), and (2) extracts the orientation from
> the exif and, if it is not top-left, queries the user whether to
> rotate the image.

The JPEG plug-in would have to change the orientation tag if it's
rotating the image on load, wouldn't it? It would have to do that
before calling gimp_metadata_store_exif().

> gimp_metadata_store_exif() serializes the exif data and attaches it to
> the image as an "exif-data" parasite.
> gimp_metadata_generate_exif() extracts the contents of the "exif-data"
> parasite and deserializes them.

Excuse my ignorance, but why do you need to serialize the data? What
does serializing mean here anyway?

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