"William Skaggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Sven:
>> What is akward about it? 
> Passing, say, an ExifData struct to a plug-in is awkward.  Calling a
> function and giving it a pointer is simpler, and much faster too.
> And then there's all the extra baggage of registering a plug-in etc.

I agree that for a C plug-in a library is easier to use but we will
also have to care about plug-ins written in other languages. Making
the functionality available in the PDB solves this nicely. What we
usually do is to provide wrappers that let the procedure call appear
as a simple function call.

> Sven:
>> The JPEG plug-in would have to change the orientation tag if it's
>> rotating the image on load, wouldn't it? It would have to do that
>> before calling gimp_metadata_store_exif().
> It can do that if it wants to, but there is no requirement.  The
> orientation needs to be set to "top-left" when an image is saved,
> but it doesn't really matter whether the change is made upon loading
> or upon saving.  If nothing else, doing it on saving prevents the
> user from setting things incorrectly in the metadata editor.

Well, how is the save plug-in supposed to know that it needs to change
the orientation field upon saving? Only when the image is rotated,
during load, is this information available. Or am I missing something

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