On Saturday 15 January 2005 17:37, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Let's try to implement this in small steps then. As a first step I
> would like to add a couple of options to the preferences to allow
> users to define default locations for color profiles, to
> enable/disable color management and to set a number of default
> settings. Stefan DÃhla sent me a patch last year that implements this
> and I will probably base the changes on that. The settings he
> suggested are:
>  - use CM or not
>  - display profile
>  - default workspace profile
>  - default rendering intent for color conversion
>    + from workspace to display (default set in display profile)
>    + from workspace to printer (should default to
>        * perceptual for pictures
>        * relative colorimetric for most other work)
>  - default cmyk-profile (is later used to convert RGB->CMYK)

I guess that this is for the printer?  Since all of my printers are 
logically RGB devices (the drivers expect RGB input) I am not sure how 
useful this is to me but for others it might have it's uses.  But 
perhaps we need to understand what this will be used for before 
including it.  

Also printer profiles are very specific to the printer hardware (not 
just the printer model but the specific printer you are using), the 
paper, ink and all of the driver setting (resolution, dither....).  So 
I have more than one printer profile for each printer (typically 5 or 

When you are in the printer dialog in GIMP you have the ability to add 
a new logical printer and use that to "name a collection of settings 
you wish to remember for future use."  This is the ideal place for 
printer profiles to be specified.  So the user should be able to set 
the default profile and rendering intents for each logical printer 
along with all of the other settings for the driver.  This would be a 
way better setup than how this is handled in photoshop and would be a 
great way to simplify and facilitate the management this part of a CM 
work flow.

>  - default profile path (/usr/share/color/icc/ and ~/.color/icc/)

All of the other stuff looks fine to me. 

Hal V. Engel

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