Sven Neumann wrote:

> Stefan Döhla sent me a patch last year that implements this
> and I will probably base the changes on that. The settings he
> suggested are:
> - use CM or not
> - display profile
> - default workspace profile
> - default rendering intent for color conversion
> + from workspace to display (default set in display profile)

monitor/display profile

> + from workspace to printer (should default to

us: webcoatedSWOP for ads (coated paper) and europe: isocoated.icc (also
coated paper)

> * perceptual for pictures
> * relative colorimetric for most other work)

agreed, but flexible enough to set it to saturation or absolute rendering

> - default cmyk-profile (is later used to convert RGB->CMYK)

see above europe: isocoated.icc

> - default profile path (/usr/share/color/icc/ and ~/.color/icc/)


> As soon as we have such settings, we need to figure out a way to make
> them available to plug-ins and modules. We also need an API to access
> the color-profile attached to an image.

I like the idea of an abstract API, which can be managed by different cmm
e.g. lcms or argyll 

This seems to be all over viewed a reasonable practice to use CMS on image



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