On Wed, 19 Jan 2005, William Skaggs wrote:

>   If "Adjustable" is checked, then the shape of the rectangle can
> be modified after it has been drawn, by moving the corners in the
> same way that works for the crop tool.  Once it is satisfactory,
> clicking inside the rectangle converts it into a selection.  Clicking
> outside the rectangle cancels the tool.

 Probably I have to try it to give a definite answer as to how usable this
solution is, but reading about it it seems that it would be better if the
rectangle would convert to a selection as soon as you click anywhere 
outside the controls of it, or if you use a modifier (ctrl-shift) with 
the click (even if you click on a control point), or if you change tools.
 That way all people get to (mostly) keep their current working habits and
also use the new functionality if they need to.
 (btw, for keyboard navigation it seems logical to me to use the arrow
keys for resizing and shift + arrow keys for movement)

PS. I can't wait to try out your new tool :)

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