yesterday I started to port some code in GIMP CVS to functionality
that is only in glib-2.6. So we are now depending on glib >= 2.6.0.
glib-2.6 has been packaged for most distros for quite a while so that
dependency shouldn't cause any problems.

Mitch, me and probably others already have some changes pending that
would introduce a dependency on gtk+-2.6. So far we have usually
waited until a package reaches debian testing before depending on it.
Since gtk+-2.6 only just yesterday appeared in debian unstable, this
would mean waiting at least another nine days. Now I wonder if that's
worth it. I'd rather ask you to speak up if you want to hack on GIMP
CVS and a dependency on gtk+-2.6 would cause you serious problems. If
noone objects, we will bump the minimum required gtk+ version this


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