Robert L Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> There could be plenty of other reasons why, of course.  But it isn't
> FUD for people to report that they're having problems compiling and
> running GTK 2.6 against a particular distribution.  Multiple people
> reporting the same thing suggests there's an issue, but doesn't
> pinpoint where it is.

I am only asking that you show us what problems exactly you have when
building gtk+, so that we can help you to solve them. Saying that
there are "a lot of problems" doesn't help at all and is what I would
consider spreading FUD. We are trying to move GIMP development along
and we will need to use GTK+-2.6 to make this happen. So it should be
our goal to make sure that all developers update glib and gtk+.
Telling them that this update will cause problems, but not saying what
problems these are, doesn't help anyone.

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