Nathan Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> This still doesn't meet the definition of "spreading FUD."  To spread
> FUD you must:
> 1) Either lie or deliberately misrepresent the truth (this includes
> selective retelling of the facts)
> 2) In one or more fora such that a large number of poorly-informed
> people are reached
> 3) In an attempt to keep people from using a competitor's product
> (esp. to keep them from switching from your product.)

If that's the definition of the term, I didn't mean to use it.

> You asked if going to 2.6 would cause a problem for them, and they
> indicated it would. 

No, they didn't. They said that they have had problems updating gtk+
in the past. So far noone has expressed any actual problems updating
glib and gtk+ to version 2.6.

> What exactly are these changes?  Why are they so critical?

You certainky compiled GIMP and noticed the warnings that say "FIXME
as soon as we depend on GTK+ 2.6". There are also a couple of bug
reports that have been postponed since they need GTK+ 2.6 API to fix
them. We have already delayed the GTK+ 2.6 dependency for quite a
while. I don't think it's adequate to wait much longer.

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