I probably should have said that I believed that the problems I had 
with GTK 2.4 were likely caused by the RPMs I was using (user local 
bin) as I had not tried building it myself.  So this is a SuSE 9.1 
specific problem.   There have been some rather lengthly discussions 
about this on a SuSE forum that I frequent and some users are able to 
install this using these RPMs with no problems and others encounter 
significant problems.  It appears to be about 50/50 odds.   No one 
seems to know why.  

Also I was not asking that you stop moving forward as I specificly said 
in my earlier note to not worry about my problem and to go forward.  I 
will try building 2.6 from source in the next few days and if I run 
into a problem I will ask for assistance.

Hal V. Engel

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