On 26.02.2005, at 23:44, Sven Neumann wrote:

Anyway, libtool is using objdir for it's internal object
management which is for instance some .libs directory on Linux
machines, so we can pretty much forget about using this. Instead
we'd need a new variable into the game and the closest I can
think of is far nastier than three relative paths which at least
won't require major surgery.

What's wrong with $(top_builddir)?

Maybe nothing, except that I didn't see it before.

Would a patch like the former but with absolute paths instead
of the relative ones be okay for CVS after a verification build?

BTW, the problems you are seeing only apply to builds from CVS. The
tarball has all the generated source files, so everything is where
the Makefiles are looking for it. It appears though that we do indeed
require to build a CVS checkout in the srcdir.

Indeed, however not having to clutter the srcdir with generated files and other cruft is a big must-have in my book especially while developing, so I'm sort of confused that this hasn't shown up earlier...

How can I get the stuff pre-built so that this is supposed to

Besides, there're some checks missing in configure for
applications which are really needed to build from CVS, like
intltool and xsltproc. Especially for the latter it's really
annoying that I can get through configure just fine but in
menus/ the Makefile will bail out because xsltproc is
desperately needed, so I need to install it and rerun configure
to get rid of the problem; not the finest English...


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