Andrei Simion <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The reason I haven't done that was because there was no X server
> instaled and I presume the user installation can be done only by
> starting Gimp in the graphical interface, am I wright?

A patch to change that would be very much appreciated. But you can
easily work around it by copying a ~/.gimp-2.2 folder from a different

>> But could you please stop sending me private email and use the
>> mailing-list instead? Thank you.
> Sorry about that. There is an explanation for this. This mailing list
> is set up that when someone sends an email on it, it has the "to"
> header field to the original sender and a cc to the list. Replying to
> this message would send one email to the email address in the "to"
> field. Sometimes I forget to replace the private address I'm replying
> to with the mailing list address. And this happened to me too as other
> members of the list replied only to me personally. Maybe something has
> to be done regarding the list configuration.

The list configuration is fine. This is how a mailing-list is supposed
to be set up. Munging the Reply-To: field is a bad thing to do (see

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