As I alluded in a previous message, there's a reason I'm lurking about on
the gimp-developer list and it isn't that I'm a gimp developer.  I've used
Linux since 1994, and the GIMP for ... several years.  Not sure how long.

In 2003 I went to Venice and fell in love with marbled papers.  I would
really like to be able to recreate those papers with the Gimp, preferably
with wrap so they would tile.  There are some parts of the process that you
can pull off with the Gimp as it is now, and some you can't.

The best book I've found on the process is this one:

  Marbling Paper and Fabric by Carol Taylor, 1990.  Sterling, New York.

Unfortunately I haven't found a good photographic record of the process of
creating marbled paper online.  There are plenty of other books though.
You can see examples of marbled paper at
http://www.gilesorr.com/Venice/marbled/ - these are scans of part of each
of the papers I brought back with me.  You could also take a look at what I
consider two of my more successful Gimp attempts:


Or just look at that whole lot, http://www.gilesorr.com/images/200305/ to
see a bunch of my Gimp tiles and a lot of not-so-good marbled paper

The parts of the process that would need to be recreated in Gimp plugins

- adding paint - essentially localized spraying/spotting (different size of
  dots, not perfect circles, random scatter)
  - some way to vary brush size (ie amount of paint, size of dots)
  - needs wrap
  - since it's paint on size (a form of paste on top of the water), it needs 
    to _push_ other dots rather than just overlaying them
- combing (or single stylus)
  - I would like wrap, stroke path, and by hand
  - specialized combs - boquet comb in particular, two rows of alternating
  - again, the way it pulls the paint should mimic the physical world
- shaking the tray
- blowing on it as with suminagashi (http://www.suminagashi.com/ - this
  process isn't a priority for me)

I've been planning to offer a bounty for this, but my $50 is sounding
fairly small compared to the recently posted Gnome bounties.  I assume the
Gnome bounty code is released GPL, and that's what I'd expect here.

So, questions: is anyone interested in working on this?  Should I separate
the parts and offer bounties (they'd have to be smaller) on each of the
individual parts?  How could all of this be handled?  Is there somewhere
else I should post a request like this?

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