This may seem like an oxymoron, given GIMP's heavy defacto relationship 
with GNOME-flavoured GTK, but is there any GIMP equivalent to 
OpenOffice's KDE integration (

The closest I could find was a vague reference to a pre-2.0 KDEified 
version of The GIMP, apparently called "KIMP"...

...and this discussion, which is obviously approaching the issue from 
the KDE end and not the GIMP end of things (IMESHO, starting from the 
wrong end):

I am guessing that a "zero overhead" (at least for GTK, I'd envision 
this as a 1:1 mapping using #defines) toolkit mapping layer at the 
source-code level would make "ports" for Qt/KDE, Carbon, wxWidgets or 
whatever considerably easier. Then there'd be only alternative shims to 
maintain, not a whole raft of debris integrated with The GIMP proper, 
and toolkit bugs would all be located in very few files.

Cheers; Leon

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