now that marc and sven have had their fun and we have all been allowed
an example of how the perlized obfiscuates script-foneys with equal yet
different levels of artificial intelligence; are there opinions of ways
to rearrange the Xtns portion of the menu system?

questions i have are these:
    what of the history of Xtns?
        it seems to be steeped in mystery and mis-use
        people rearranging the menus now do not seem to see that Xtns
        makes its own image and do not need to start with an image; even
        though the logic is very clear to some.

    is there a sane way to include a script from each of the languages?
        examples: font-mapping, yinyang drawing; all the scripts have

    some of the scripting languages have an example that shows how to
    use the script; however the result of using it is ugly.
        identify these example scripts.

        include a menu entry for each of the gimp script powertools:
            the browsers
            the consoles
            the servers
            help browsers
            potentially helpful non-gimp urls

    what are other useful Xtns submenues:
        gimp-perl installs helpful menus to the Xtns menu:

        script-fu uses useful subsubmenus of:

        my own instance of gimp, i have made submenus:

i personally would not mind keeping Kevi1 busy with changes to Tiny-fu
for a while, however, i am uncomfortable with the limited view i have
had of the menu reorganization.  my completely unresearched opinion was
formed while seeing that it is being handled by people who have not
actually experienced the whole gimp eh, experience.  i also would be one
of these people.  i can at least see that by the time i started to use
gimp, everything that appeared in Xtns were plug-ins that did not need
an image to start with.  fixing the problem with different types of
scripts that do the same job in Xtns where it is much more of a problem
will help everyone with the Image menu which has a few instances of this
but not as many.



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