Akkana Peck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Great topic. Personally I'd love to see the Script-Fu and Python
> entries go away, for the same reason as in the Filters menu:
> the user shouldn't have to know.

Sorry to disagree with you here but "Script-Fu Console" does certainly
belong to Script-Fu and it should be in a menu together with other
Script-Fu related actions (such as "Start Server" and "Refresh
Scripts"). I think each language binding should very well be allowed
to have a submenu in the Xtns menu (or elsewhere) and put strictly
language binding specific items there.

>> for example.  I know that the reason for the difference is that the
>> Dialogs are implemented by the core, but why should I care?
> You shouldn't.
>> >         include a menu entry for each of the gimp script powertools:
>> >             the browsers
>> >             the consoles
>> >             the servers
>> I see little reason why these shouldn't be a subcategory of the other
>> dialogs.  The name "Development" was suggested.

The current Dialogs menu only contains dockables. Perhaps it needs a
different name but I don't think we should add other dialogs there.
That would be a major cause of confusion.

> Right. If it were up to me, I'd split Xtns into two menus:

Good idea, but please move the two new menus out of the toolbox. I'd
like the toolbox menu to go away completely. If we can get rid of
Xtns, we are almost there.

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