Sven Neumann wrote:
 > The idea of the menu reorganization is to hide the language from the
user because the user shouldn't have to care what language a filter is
written in. Adding a language specific icon is contradicting this
effort. There will always be the plug-in browser if someone wants to
find out more about a plug-in / script. We should try to improve this
browser instead of cluttering the menus with such icons.

A better browser would be useful. Most users won't (and shouldn't) care,
or even need to know, whether a given menu item is a core function, a
compiled plug-in, or a script.

On the other hand, it is nice to know that a given menu item is implemented
via a script since a user who generally likes what that script does but
wants to tweak it or see how it does what it does can easily track down the
script file. Some mechanism to map menu entries to information about the
entries (including implementation details such as the scripting language
used) would be useful. By knowing something was a <insert language here>
script it should make it easier to find the file to fix/modify/inspect it.


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