Nathan Summers writes:
> On 6/21/05, Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > different levels of artificial intelligence; are there opinions of ways
> > to rearrange the Xtns portion of the menu system?

Great topic. Personally I'd love to see the Script-Fu and Python
entries go away, for the same reason as in the Filters menu:
the user shouldn't have to know.

> >         people rearranging the menus now do not seem to see that Xtns
> >         makes its own image and do not need to start with an image; even
> >         though the logic is very clear to some.
> The thing is that there are plenty of exceptions to that rule. 
> File|Dialogs being a big source of stuff that doesn't need an image,

File->Dialogs doesn't make a new image. I'm with Carol, most of the
stuff in Xtns makes a new image, and should be grouped together

> for example.  I know that the reason for the difference is that the
> Dialogs are implemented by the core, but why should I care?

You shouldn't.

> >         include a menu entry for each of the gimp script powertools:
> >             the browsers
> >             the consoles
> >             the servers
> I see little reason why these shouldn't be a subcategory of the other
> dialogs.  The name "Development" was suggested.

Right. If it were up to me, I'd split Xtns into two menus:

1. Development (or something similar): all the entries that have to
do with mechanics of the languages (including C). It would look like:

   Module Manager
   Plug-in Browser
   Procedure Browser
   Unit Editor
   Script-Fu Console...
   Refresh Script-Fu
   Start Script-Fu Server...
   Python-Fu Console...
   Python-Fu Browser...

2. All the things that actually make new images. I don't know what
to call this menu. Xtns or Misc or Generate (because it generates
new images) or Create or New Images or ??  This would include all the
submenus that are currently under Script-Fu, without any reference to
the word "Script-Fu". Any Python scripts (or C plugins or anything else)
that gets added would merge into these menus too.

There was some suggestion on IRC that not all the items in the
Xtns->Script-Fu submenus create new images. I haven't gone through
them yet to look for counterexamples; if there are some, maybe they
should go somewhere else. Likewise, if there are items in Filters
which create a new image rather than working on the current one
(I don't know of any) then they should move here.

I'd lean toward making both these menus top-level menus in the toolbox
window (so there would be four menus, not three), but that would cause
space issues in verbose languages and large fonts, so alternately,
I'd make Development a submenu (probably of File or File->Dialogs, not
of Xtns/Generate/whatever, since the Development items do not create
an image). It's more important that the New Image Creating stuff
be easy to access than that Development is, because anyone
developing scripts for gimp knows enough to use tear-offs, or
set up key bindings, or somehow make it easier to get to the
language tools.

> Kevi? is certainly not the only one qualifed to change the locations
> the scripts register under.  It's actually a trivial change for
> anyone.

I'd be happy to do the work if we reach consensus on what should
be done.

> Well, no one has experienced all of the "gimp experience."  That's
> what good old fashioned kibitzing is for.

That's also what discussion on mailing lists, bugzilla and IRC are
for. We still won't encompass the whole gimp experience, but at
least by doing things in the open we'll have a chance of hearing
from a range of people.

> My suggestion is that Xtns menu items that create images should be
> called something like File|New Generated Image and that the rest
> should be merged with the other dialogs, ether as File|Dialogs or as a
> new toplevel Dialogs menu item.

I'd argue for that menu being a toplevel menu, so users are more
likely to explore it.  There are some cool scripts in there.

There's some reorganization that could usefully be done inside that
menu as well. Buttons only has two items, Misc only has Sphere,
Utils only has two items. How about moving those five items up to be
directly visible in the Generate/Create menu?

So it would look like this:

  Make Brush>
  Web Page Themes>
  Custom Gradient...
  Font Map...
  Round Button...
  Simple Bevelled Button...


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