>> So far noone has made a proposal on how such an entry should be
>> integrated with the current dialog.
> What's wrong with the place Inkscape puts it?

The place is probably OK, despite my feeling that it adds clutter. The
real problem though is that an entry only makes sense if it has the
keyboard focus. In Inkscape it doesn't have the focus initially so you
need to press tab several times before you can start to use the
entry. As soon as you tab into the entry, your keyboard focus is
grabbed there (well, there's Ctrl-Tab to get out of an entry but we
aren't really improving on discoverability here...). Of course one
could focus the entry initially but then you wouldn't be able to
navigate the file list with the keyboard any longer or use typeahead
which IMO gives more direct feedback than Tab completion.

If you just add an entry to the current dialog you don't get the
current dialog with the extra benefit of an entry with Tab
completion. Unfortunately what you get is a dialog that has two
orthogonal ways of navigating it with the keyboard and both ways keep
getting into the way of each other.

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