Robert L Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Sven, you've been offered a solution -- just add an entry with tab
> completion.  You may not agree with it, but it's not accurate to say
> that "noone has made a proposal on how such an entry should be
> integrated with the current dialog".  Just stick it on the bottom of
> the dialog, just above the OK/cancel boxes, and Marc and I will be
> happy to shut up.

This is not about making you and Marc shut up. This is about designing
a user interface that works for the majority of users. Whatever we do,
there will always be someone complaining. I don't really care who that

> In what way is "just adding an entry with Tab completion going to
> ruin the whole thing"?  If it's there, but isn't used, it isn't
> going to interfere with anything else, is it?

It does indeed interfere with the rest of the dialog, otherwise it
would probably have been added a while ago already. But I already
explained the problems of this approach in another mail that I sent
last night.

> And why is it so important that there be a concept for the entire
> dialog beyond "what works best for people"?  The problem (to me, and
> I daresay to Marc) is very simple -- there's no obvious way to
> simply enter a pathname with a simple form of completion that's only
> activated on demand.  A file dialog without this is just plain
> fatally flawed.

The problem is to find out what works best for people. Trying to
decide this in an argument among developers is very certainly going to

> Make it a configuration option, if you like.

No, I don't like configuration options, I hate them. And it would also
not have to be me who adds it but the GTK+ developers. We are
certainly not going to fiddle with the internals of the GtkFileChooser

> My first experience with the new configuration dialog was absolutely
> brutal.  I couldn't believe that I was being presented with a file
> dialog that had no text entry box (I spent a while exploring it to try
> to find the button that would give me the entry box), and given the
> way I jumble everything together, searching around in a list entry is
> hopeless (I have about 1000 files in one directory; I know a lot of
> the filenames by memory, but being forced to do a linear search
> through that many files is simply absurd).  I more or less stopped
> using the GIMP altogether for a while; I used Cinepaint or xv (!)
> despite it being obsolete in many ways where I could, and otherwise
> started a new instance of the GIMP each time I had to use it, because
> dealing with the file dialog was so hopeless.  Eventually after poking
> around Google I found the ctrl-L hack, but it's still very clumsy
> compared to the simplicity of a text entry box.

I agree that the Ctrl-L is clumsy and I would like it to be removed
(of course after it has been completely obsoleted). But you don't
really need Ctrl-L to use the dialog. I am sorry that you made your
first experiences with the new dialog with the early versions that
were indeed rather akward to use.

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