Dennis Bjorklund <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> In the gtk2 dialog when you start to type you get a popup entry
> widget where you can only type in entries that are in the current
> file list.
> From a user perspective I don't see any drawbacks if one could type
> in any path in that entry box, with tab completion. Currently this
> popup entry box is tied to TreeView and I don't know how easy it is
> to customize, but it's all part of gtk so anything can be changed.

IMO it is important that typeahead in the file chooser works just like
typeahead in all other list and tree views. I don't think that
changing the behaviour of typeahead is a good idea. I also doubt that
it will silent the people asking for an entry box.

> CTRL-O    <- open dialog
> /tmp      <- ends up in the popup entry and you can use TAB-completion
> ENTER     <- show the temp directory in the dialog

Here's what I do to achieve that:  Ctrl-O, "/t", Enter

> /tmp/foo.png    <- here I used tab-completion :-)
> ENTER           <- dialog closes and image is opened

Here's what I do to achieve that:  Ctrl-O, "/t", Enter, "f", Enter

Your proposal makes some sense, I am not convinced that it is a good
idea but it should probably be considered.

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