On Wed, 22 Jun 2005, Sven Neumann wrote:

> IMO it is important that typeahead in the file chooser works just like
> typeahead in all other list and tree views. I don't think that
> changing the behaviour of typeahead is a good idea.

One can also say that it's important that typing in a path always works
the same in the dialog and having different things happen when you type
paths starting with / then paths without is also not good.

For example, what happens if you type ../foo ?

Didn't someone point out that the dialog was "fixed" so that when you type
in something it uses the typahead of the file list (I complained that
sometimes the bookmark list is focused in my verion of gtk+/gimp when I
open the dialog). Does that mean that you can't use type ahead on the
bookmark list?

Well, I described how I want it to work. We all have our dreams.


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