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Great topic. Personally I'd love to see the Script-Fu and Python
entries go away, for the same reason as in the Filters menu:
the user shouldn't have to know.

I don't have a problem with that either. But as someone pointed out, we need a place to put the menu entries that allow a user or developer to start a language specific server, start the language specific console mode, as well as refresh the list of scripts.

Right. If it were up to me, I'd split Xtns into two menus:

1. Development (or something similar): all the entries that have to
do with mechanics of the languages (including C). It would look like:

Mozilla uses a De_bug menu which is hidden in release builds and something
similar (like Developement as you suggested) might be a good approach as
these tools are mostly used for development and debugging of scripts.

Using a menu only available in a development release may be ok for items only useful during true development. Putting menu items useful for developing/debugging scripts in a release only build would prevent would cause problems for those users who decide to write their own scripts. Just remember how some users when asking how to do something are told that GIMP doesn't have a menu item for what they want to do but they could create a script. Hiding the menu entries might be appropriate once we have implemented a macro recording ability sometime in the future.

Python-Fu does not require a Refresh.
Does Tiny-Fu require manual refresh?

I am not sure what you mean by "require manual refresh". Script-Fu and Tiny-Fu both allow you to refresh the scripts. This only needs to be done if a new script is added and you want to use it right away without having to restart GIMP. Since Script-Fu and Tiny-Fu read all scripts in to memory, a refresh is needed if a script is altered.

2. All the things that actually make new images. I don't know what
to call this menu. Xtns or Misc or Generate (because it generates

One of the minor complaints about Xtns is it being an abbreviation.

Another possibility might be to call it "Extras".

There was some suggestion on IRC that not all the items in the
Xtns->Script-Fu submenus create new images. I haven't gone through
them yet to look for counterexamples

I would need to review the list but the first one that comes to mind are the entries under "Make Brush".


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