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   Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 10:35:51 +0200

   Robert L Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

   > Isn't that at least enough reason to take a closer look at the
   > issue?

   Are you as well starting with this accusation now? We are taking a
   close look at this. We have already spent a lot of time on this,
   probably way more than we should. I have been contributing patches
   and suggestions to the file-chooser for quite a while now. This has
   turned the dialog into something that works rather well for
   me. Perhaps it is time that you start doing that as well.

The context for this was:

   >Marc, it is you who's being idiotic here. You state that there are
   >a number of people. What number? How large is that number compared
   >to the number of happy users? We can hardly decide anything unless
   >we know the answer to these questions.

You asked how many people were involved here.  I went and looked at
how many people have posted on precisely this issue, and posted my

I've been contributing suggestions both here and on the bug (whose number I forget).  Yes, it's true that
my suggestion boils down to "bring back the text entry box!" and not a
whole lot else.  Every time anyone here makes that suggestion you
dismiss it with "You basically have no clue on how the new dialog
works" or "I have already explained [how a text entry with completion
would conflict with being able to use the file dialog's other
features]" without really getting to the heart of the matter -- a lot
of people just plain want a text entry box, because it's such a
natural way to work (a filename, or pathname for that matter, is a
text string, and people just want to be able to type it in a natural

   The only reason why someone sensible would complain on this subject
   on the gimp-developer mailing list is that he/she wants to discuss
   the issue in the context of using the dialog from within GIMP. The
   goal of such a discussion should be to prepare a proposal or even
   patches in order to present them to the GTK+ developers.

The only GTK2 app that I use on any kind of routine basis that uses
this dialog is the GIMP.  This has given me a good reason to do
everything I can to avoid other GTK2 apps.

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