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On 8/4/05, Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Thursday 04 August 2005 18:43, Axel Philipsenburg wrote:
> > What I'd like to do is to write a plug-in that would make the Gimp
> > a nice tool for 3D artists by showing a 3D object in a seperate
> > window with the currently selected Gimp image as UV mapped texture.
> >
> > The 3D object would be loaded from a Wavefront OBJ file with all UV
> > mapping coordinates and been displayed by using OpenGL.
> >
> > The only thing that gives me worries about this, is if the Gimp
> > plug-in system would allow a seperate window to be constantly
> > displayed and updated whenever a tool operation is finished so that
> > the artist can practically see each brush stroke (or other tool
> > usage) instantly on the 3D object once the tool has been used.

> Offically it is not possible.
> That is: there is no way for the GIMP to call back your plug-in
> whenever an action is performed.

Either way, the idea of redoing this every time an action is finished
sounds very scary.  What happens when I don't want to use it, or if I
run a script-fu or something?  I'd rather be able to preset the
settings, and then just click an "Update Preview" function.  This _IS_
a preview type thing, isn't it?  Otherwise it would be kind of

> However nothing but the extreme deselegance of it can stop your
> plug-in of pooling the GIMP for image data every few seconds.

I believe you mean polling.  And while this doesn't sound impossible,
would GIMP allow for a Plugin to open a window, poll, and still let
the user continue working?  If memory serves me right, every other
plugin I know of, GIMP hands total control over to the plugin, and
"freezes" (if you will) while the plugin is running.  So if the window
stays open, will I even be able to make a change in the meantime?

If you can't get an autoupdating one working, at least one that
doesn't auto-update would be nice.  [Especially if you're willing to
maintain it through the versions.  *ahem*]  Just a thought, how are
you going to set the camera angle though?

 - Just my two cents
 - No man is an island, and no man is unable.

 - Just my two cents
 - No man is an island, and no man is unable.
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