Hello everyone!

First of all, thanks for all the replies. They all helped me a lot to get the 
problem the plug-in would be facing much clearer to me.

I see now that a real-time updating of the 3D view is more or less impossible 
or at least not really feasable.

But as somebody mentioned, it might not even be that a good idea anyway, so an 
"update" button on the 3D or a refresh intervall might be a better option.

Some people mentioned Blender and its python plugins. I'm somewhat familiar 
with those and I do think that using a Blender Python script talking to the 
Gimp Plug-in via sockets is possible, yet that might be overkill, especially 
since Blender isn't really good at "on-the-fly" updates of its textures (To 
see differences you have to "tab" in and out of object edit mode). 
Aditionally, with Blender being meant as a full screen application, the only 
good way to do this would be with a dual screen setup.

I have put a bit of research into writing the 3D view window myself and don't 
think it's too much work. The Wavefront OBJ file format is pretty easy to 
parse and contains all the infos needed to display the textured 3D mesh in an 
OpenGL window. The object could be rotated in the view by using mouse 
dragging and zooming by using the mouse wheel.

Michael mentioned that Gimp Plug-Ins might not be able to allow further 
manipulation to the image while running because they hog the dialog focus.
If that's truely the case, then the plug-in approach on this tool seems doomed 
anyway. There is not much sense if you need to call the plug-in from a menu 
everytime you changed the texture somewhat.

And that brings me back to the Verse project that Emil mentioned. So I looked 
up his Versatile II program and thought... "Ok.. it's already been done. No 
need for me to write anything" :-P

However... maybe I could just write a little "Verse-enabled OBJ loader". I 
have yet to see how complex writing a Verse using software is. Or is there
such a program already? 

Anyway.. thanks for all the replies. If this really turns out to be a non-Gimp 
Plugin-In I'll need to look for a new place to talk about this :)

Bye Bye,

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