On 8/26/05, Michael Schumacher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> As promised on IRC, my suggestions for the registry. Originally sent to
> the maintainer of the registry.

Sounds awesome.

> 1. Make it possible to indicate that a plug-in requires GIMP 2.2

2.3, and 2.4 options would be nice here too, I suppose.  And also,
change the list of links of types to a drop down box, maybe?  (Dunno.)

> 2. Compress the recent changes list
> 3. Make the recent changes available as a RSS feed

Very useful, then I can add the RSS feed to my browser. ^^

> 4. Add a way to indicate the availability of binaries for a specific
> platform

Something similar to the way tucows.com does their listings would be a
good idea.

[Plugin name] ..... [Win] [Linux RPM] [Linux Deb] [Mac OS X] [Source]
  [Plugin catagories] [User based rating (maybe, maybe not)]
  [Language/format] [Requirements (optional/if specified)]
  [Plugin description summary]... [more info link to full description]

This could be unified, as well (e.g. anywhere plugins are listed this
format would go there).

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