Lance Dockins wrote:

> 1) Is there a way to get python to work on Windows AND is it even
> necessary to build GIMP?

Get it from
It is not neccessary to build GIMP, but neccessary for the PyGimp
modules and thius Python support in GIMP.

> 2) Where do I install/unzip the all the auto tools?  Should I just unzip
> them to a location in MinGW and use the export command to include those
> directories?  I'm assuming that I don't need a special Win32 build of
> these tools so I've just downloaded them from their respective
> locations.  If I'm wrong about this, please let me know so I can get the
> right copies.  Thanks.

They are part of a MinGw package (IIRC the DTK, as mentioned in another
mail in this thread). There are also updates available from But it is also rather easy (and a good test for
your build environment) to build them yourself.

P.S. Please quote properly: only cite parts of a mail that you're
referring to, and don't reply above the quoted text. Thank you.


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