On Wed, Sep 28, 2005 at 07:56:12AM -0500, Lance Dockins wrote:
> Sven Neumann wrote:
> >And if you ask, please describe your problems in detail. I
> >have left my crystal ball at home today so I really can't figure out
> >what "some missing key libraries at the end of the build" are.
> >  
> I was asking more generic questions because I was looking for more 
> generic answers.  I just wanted to know if missing DLL's was a normal 
> scenario in Win32 environments.  Since you clearly know that it's not, 
> you've jumped ahead of me to asking which DLL's were missing.  Since I 
> don't know (I didn't write them all down) I'll have to tell you next 
> time I compile.  Instead, I offered all the information I had.  As far 
> as your "crystal ball" comment, I'd say that was a bit uncalled for.  
> You could have just as easily asked for more information without being 
> biting and sarcastic.  You, Sven, of all people should know that flipant 
> biting sarcasm is a great way to discourage people from taking up GIMP 
> or otherwise contributing to it. 
> What if someone considering the possibility of contributing to GIMP read 
> that post?  They probably would think twice at that point for fear of 
> being publicly humiliated for asking a question.  Don't get me wrong, I 
> greatly respect your contributions to GIMP and I'm sure it's frustrating 
> answering all of these types of questions.  In fact, I know so.  My 
> greatest strength is customer service, sales, and otherwise dealing with 
> people so I know how difficult it can be.  Let me just put it this way.  
> The ONLY reason people are using or contributing to GIMP is because they 
> have problems.  Specifically, they have a need for an image design 
> program that's both powerful and inexpensive and GIMP meets that need.  
> I'm having COMPILE problems WITH GIMP.  There's really no difference.  
> People use software, ask questions, etc because they have problems.  How 
> you handle those problems WILL determine the success of the project - 
> particularly if you have such an influential position with the project.

Do you think an open source project is better served by having primary
developers handhold everyone that comes along through basic problem solving
skills, or using that time to implement new features or fix bugs?

Keeping track of what you did is a rather basic step when diagnosing
problems with software. There is a certain comptency level assumed when
you try to build GIMP. You didn't live up to it, so don't whine about
the resultant response (which really wasn't that bad, although terse).

It's also pretty rude to make blanket statements about the motivations
of contributors. You don't speak for everyone.

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