Lance Dockins writes:
 > 1) Is there a way to get python to work on Windows 

Yes. Personally I have so far not really been interested in Python and
haven't attempted to build the Python scripting support. But others
have it working.

 > AND is it even necessary to build GIMP?


 > 2) Where do I install/unzip the all the auto tools?  Should I just unzip 
 > them to a location in MinGW and use the export command to include those 
 > directories?  I'm assuming that I don't need a special Win32 build of 
 > these tools so I've just downloaded them from their respective 
 > locations.

Hmm, you downloaded the auto* sources, or ready-built packages (from
where?)?  Anyway, you can install them (after building them) anywhere,
as long as the executable commands are found in PATH. GIMP HEAD
requires newer autotools than what's in the MSYS-DTK package,
unfortunately, so I guess you really need to build them yourself. (I
don't recall which one of the autotools it is that's too old in
MSYS. Probably automake?)


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