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> >Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 01:48:10 +0300
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> >lode leroy writes:
> >  > In fact, what happens is that when linking with ZLIB.DLL,
> >  > the exe expects ZLIB-1.DLL instead of ZLIB1.DLL. (or vice-versa).
> >
> >The official zlib dll is called zlib1.dll. Any other name means it is
> >not official. "Official" as in directly from real maintainer of
> >zlib. As the actual maintainer of zlib distributes Win32 zlib
> >binaries, I fail to see any reason why one would want to use anybody
> >else's version. I have only zlib1.dll on my system.
> I agree with you Tor, but as the original poster wrote,
> it is very difficult to set up a build enviroment with everything
> correct to compile gimp (or other gtk based software for that matter)
> Libraries and dependencies are changing, and the available binaries
> are sometimes not correctly packaged with missing or incorrect .m4 or .pc 
> files
> (especially the fontconfig and freefont,i.e. the one's you don't
> distribute 
> :-)

We should then let the packagers know... maybe they just don't get the right
hints? For example, gnuwin32 had these naming problems, and there is a way
to report bugs. I recall that the .a files of libxml2 were not usable with
the MinGW linker, this could be reported also...


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