I don't know where else to vent other than this list, so forgive if

I have just upgraded to "mandriva 2006", which includes Gimp 2.2 (IIRC
- I am writing from my old office machine which has 1.0.4....). I was
well-used to 1.2. Haven't had time to extensively check out the newest
version, and I'm sure it has a lot of nifty new features: BUT one
think that irks me right away is not having any option to type in a
filename on the 'open' dialogue! The tab-completion feature of the
older gimps were excellent and very useful. I usually know that the
image I want is in, eg "~/web/hvr/webready/raw", and typing that in,
especially with tab-completion is *WAY* faster than mousing through
some list of dirs. Also, I sometimes want to work on files in a
dot-prefixed directory, like .fluxbox/backgrounds. Guess what? They
don't show up in the list!

This problem seems to be rampant in other 'new and improved' apps -
gdm, for instance. No way to get any .fluxbox/backgrounds in the gtk+
greeter, that's for sure!

IMHO, any app which is asking for a filename as input should give both
a keyboard-oriented and a mouse-oriented means of providing it. How
much extra work is that to program? *Especially* when it has already
been done, and done well, in previous versions??!


Scott Swanson
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